What Is The Eco Friendly Mobile Homes?

What Is The Eco Friendly Mobile Homes?

August 16, 2021 0 By Green Uday

Can we live in eco friendly mobile homes that make us happy and closer to our environment and world?

A mobile home, also known as a trailer or modular home, is a prefabricated house that has been factory built. After construction, the home is attached to the chassis of the trailer permanently.

Prefab homes are now at the forefront of the green architectural movement and often strive to achieve net-zero emissions.

Over and above this (or instead of), many modular homes are complete with solar panels and rainwater systems that hugely reduce the waste of natural resources. Some prefab homes are even made using recycled materials, adding to the eco-friendly equation.

Mobile homes are often used as a permanent residence, but may also be used as a holiday home or for temporary accommodation.

Most of the time mobile homes are parked permanently in one location, however, they can be moved. It is important to note that you can’t simply park your mobile home anywhere.

In fact, in certain places you could even get into trouble with the law. That being said, a mobile home makes for an adventurous lifestyle, providing stability without tying you down to a single location.

In light of the fact that mobile homes are smaller than the average American home, it makes sense that they would be more environmentally friendly.

Even if a mobile home is not equipped with renewable energy and water sources, the small-scale home will produce less waste.

There are fewer rooms which equates to less electrical demand, and this alone makes a massive contribution to the environment. But there are many factors that determine how eco-friendly a mobile home is, so read on to find out more!

Save Electricity with Solar

Mobile homes powered by a renewable energy source (like solar) can reduce energy consumption by more than 70 percent.

Most mobile homes are fitted with solar panels, allowing home-owners to live mainly off-grid. Additionally, there are ways and means to store any extra solar power, by investing in an energy battery.

An energy battery can be used to charge the house overnight, allowing homeowners to live entirely off-grid. As an added bonus, any excess solar energy can be sold to electricity companies in selected areas.

In addition to solar-powered energy, many mobile homes are fitted with LED lightbulbs, which are more energy-efficient.

Self-sufficient mobile homes are more environmentally friendly when paired with water efficient systems. For example, heating water with solar can decrease a home’s energy consumption  by approximately 90 percent.

What’s more, is that mobile homes are generally designed with the goal of preventing heat loss in pipes – by combining areas that require water like the kitchen and bathroom. This innovative design results in shorter pipes and a decrease in heat loss.

That being said, there are other methods of preventing energy loss, such as insulating the water pipes. This is especially important when the pipes are situated outdoors.

Reduce Waste with Recycled Materials

One of the most important things in eco friendly mobile homes its the waste problem. Materials sourced from an existing building sites such as wood, bricks, plastics, insulation, glass, and more, are considered recycled when reused for a new structure. This way, there is a reduction in excess waste, and supplies can be obtained more affordably.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impending climate crisis, an eco-friendly mobile home is not just a trend but a necessity.

Green homes are not just some passing trend, but the future of modern architecture. In fact, self-sustainable homes are among the most sought-after in real estate.

Recycling is becoming mandatory, and the go-to choice when it comes to green construction. Not only does recycling allow home-owners to keep their carbon footprint small, but green-living is great for finances too.

Of course, it goes without saying that a homemade from recycled materials is just as strong as a homemade from new materials.

Eco Friendly Mobile Homes

Not all recycled materials have actually been recycled, and when it comes to construction, reused new materials are considered to be recycled.

As an added bonus, because mobile homes are factory-built using existing designs, building waste is reduced. In fact, manufacturing the structure of a prefab home can decrease the waste generated with a traditional house by more than 50 percent.

Seeing as mobile homes are assembled based on stringent guidelines, it also reduces waste on-site. Construction accounts for approximately 40 percent of the waste in landfills, only adding to the popularity of modular homes. Eco-friendly homeowners should always look into recycled materials to make a big difference to the environment.

The Bottom Line

Prefabricated homes have been around for years, and were initially designed as homes for veterans and their families during wartime.

In recent years, with the technological revolution as well as new laws, mobile homes are now growing in popularity.

In fact, mobile homes look set to be the future of the American housing market, and are one of the most sought after housing types today.

With growing environmental awareness, many of these homes are designed to be eco-friendly, using the most cutting-edge technologies around.

The fast pace of the modern world, paired with the fast pace of modular-home creation, makes this form of housing a tempting option for many.

Additionally, the housing and economic crisis have forced many people to look into alternative housing options.

As the world population expands, more and more people are turning to mobile homes for the simple reason that they are more affordable.

For this reason, a much wider range of people can purchase a low-cost home without having to worry if the materials used for construction are ineffective.

Mobile homes are the future of the housing industry, and a great option for anyone who likes to move around. If you are looking to purchase an affordable and eco-friendly mobile home, a mobile home is a win-win situation.

So in your opinion can you really live in eco friendly mobile homes? Tell us in the comments!!