How to Recycle Underwear: 9 Recommended Ways

How to Recycle Underwear: 9 Recommended Ways

October 16, 2021 0 By Green Uday

Yes, yes you can dispose of them in a greenway. All you need is to learn how to recycle underwear in the right way.

The amount of effort you put into greening your wardrobe is largely dependent on what you do with your clothes after it has served its purpose for you. We strongly encourage you to never dispose of clothes in a landfill.

Textile recycling is still very much alive and thriving in the United States of America. Items of clothes that are not recyclable are almost usually recycled by charitable organizations that collect clothing contributions.

Is Underwear Bad for the Environment?

It’s not just about underwear, but textile and clothes manufacturing too.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 17 million tons of textiles were produced in 2018. This number represents 5.8 percent of the total municipal solid waste generated in the year in question.

The American Apparel and Footwear Association provided sales data for apparel and footwear, which was used to generate generation estimates for these categories.

The Environmental Protection Agency also discovered that substantial quantities of textiles reach the reuse market, but that the quantity of reused textiles is not included in the estimated generation.

Reused clothes and wiper rags ultimately find their way into the trash stream and form part of the municipal solid waste (MSW) production.

Is Underwear Bad for the Environment

To make things clearer let’s take a look at the following chart shows the number of generated, recycled, and landfilled textiles in The US between 1960 and 2018.

They are really huge numbers, in 1960 generated textiles was 1,760 million tons, in 2018 the number rises to 17,030 million tons. The problem is that the increase is not proportional to the number of recycled clothes.

Is Underwear Bad for the Environment
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Even more surprising is that, according to recent estimates, 235 million items of clothing are disposed of in landfills in 2019 in the UK, accounting for 5.7 percent of all landfill trash generated.

How do you ethically dispose of old underwear?

A lot of people ask frequently: how do you get rid of old underwear? Are you ready to make the transition to underwear that is clean, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly? Great! You may be questioning what you’re meant to do with all of those extra pairs of underwear you’ve acquired.

First and foremost, do not throw them away. If you have a few pairs of underwear that aren’t quite ‘eco-friendly’ but that you still like, make them a little more eco-friendly by wearing them until they’re ready to be disposed of. This way, you’ll be reducing the amount of waste you produce and saving money in the long run.

In order to reduce the frequency with which you have to dispose of your worn-out underwear, switch to a more sturdy and long-lasting pair of underwear. To keep your privates protected, use a pair of hemp underwear or boxer briefs that are both comfy and stylish.

Because you’re such a green hero, we know you’ll want to repurpose your old underwear into something new.

How do you dispose of old underwear?

1. Make a donation

Do not be afraid to donate a couple of pairs of underwear that you haven’t worn in a long time or have worn just once (or twice) and didn’t like for the way they felt. You just need to wash them well before sending them on their way to be utilized by someone who would appreciate them.

As long as they are in excellent shape and clean, the majority of thrift shops will resell them. If you don’t want your charitable deed to be used for financial gain, make a donation to a non-profit organization. Homeless shelters are constantly in need of underwear goods, and your gift would be much appreciated.

Aside from that, I frequently give leftover or like-new goods to individuals or businesses who put them together with care packages for people in third-world nations or disaster zones.

2. Recycle

If your underwear is too worn to give, you may want to try recycling them. There are many clothes recycling businesses located across the nation, and the majority of individuals have a center that is nearby or in their city.

The clothing is broken down and the fibers are used to make insulation, carpet pads, paper, and even yarn at the majority of these recycling facilities.

Planet Aid is an example of a business that has opened up shops across the United States in order to raise awareness about the pandemic of “landfill apparel” and to make it simpler for people to recycle their old garments.

Planet Aid’s yellow recycling bins may be found in your neighborhood here, or you can look for alternative recycling options in your neighborhood if Planet Aid has not yet reached your neighborhood.

If you’re feeling really lazy, you may recycle your undies by giving them, along with your good-condition ones, to thrift shops, who will then donate the goods that they are unable to sell to recycling facilities of their own.

3. Compost

If you’ve previously had pairs of underwear that were made of natural fibers (which are healthy for you!) such as organic cotton or linen, those pairs may be cut into thin strips and composted in your garden or compost heap to help the environment.

All you have to do is make sure the underwear is made entirely of natural fibers and not a blend of other polyesters, which will not biodegrade in the ground.

We’ve been playing the last game in the fashion business for far too long now, and it’s time to stop. When it comes to underwear that can no longer be worn, you may help to minimize waste and stop the cycle by following the guidelines outlined in this article.

4. Reuse once again

I’m not suggesting that you continue to wear your underpants here, just to be sure we’re on the same page. Old clothing has been used for a variety of purposes for hundreds of years, and underwear is no exception.

Of course, you should always check to see if the old underwear is clean before beginning any kind of activity with it. The majority of the time, underwear does not make for very effective cleaning cloths, but it may be used as filling for pillows or cushions or to construct tiny crafts such as cat chew toys or small stuffed toys, among other things.

Donating, recycling, and reusing are all excellent ways to contribute to the environment. Purchase a pair of hemp bikini or hemp trunks after your old underwear has been disposed of and you are ready to feel good while also doing good for others.

5. Make some profit reselling

It is not always necessary to send clothes to be shredded and converted into something new in order to be considered “recycling.” In other cases, recycling is just the act of transferring things to another person who will use and enjoy them.

Items in excellent condition may be sold at local consignment shops and thrift stores for a little profit, or they can be sold online via a reputable reseller such as Poshmark or ThredUP.

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Can I recycle underwear?

Clothing in bad condition may be given to a variety of charitable organizations, who sell the items by the pound to rag dealers. In fact, these charities or organizations will take worn-out undergarments and torn socks! Prior to giving rag, be sure to verify with the store first, since some shops, especially smaller charities, may not be able to accept rag donations.

So, the choice of riding out of the old underwear would not be the best, as we will see you can recycle or donate them.

How to recycle underwear?

How do you dispose of old underwear

This is the most often asked question people ask often: How to recycle underwear? Despite the fact that they seem to be trash, they may really be recycled!

1. Rags for cleaning

Very favorite for a lot of us, and also the most apparent approach, is to use the word “you.” To save yourself the trouble of continually purchasing rags, just use an old pair of underwear instead. When they’ve become disgusting past the point of use, you may dispose of them with the pleasure of knowing that you did a good job with them!

2. Stuffing for Pillows

When creating your own pillows or fluffing stuffed animals, you may cut your old underwear into pieces and use them as filling puff instead of buying new ones.

3. Sponge

A couple of old pairs of underwear scrunched up into an onion bag can provide a whole new sponge, which is ideal for washing off tough stains on pots and pans.

4. Compost

If you care about gardening and have one, undies made entirely of cotton with the elastic strap removed may be disposed of in your compost bin with confidence.

  • Through the use of compost, 100 percent cotton underwear may become one with your garden.
  • To recycle your old clothes, just take off the elastic waistband and any tags or decorations,
  • Then cut the cotton into strips or squares and place them in the compost bin.
  • Keep in mind that synthetic fabrics like Lycra will not decompose; instead, use only natural fibers.

5. Potpourri Sachet

Take a needle and thread and stitch your underwear remnants together to make tiny sachets for yourself. Fill the bag with dried lavender and put it in your drawer to preserve your new underwear smelling as fresh as possible!

6. Ties

A surprising idea? isn’t it? Yes, you can use old underwear to make your own and beautiful hair ties.

7. Plant Pots

Do you have any thongs to recycle? They make excellent strong lengths of twine for tying plants to sticks while they are in the growing process.

8. Quilt

In the event that you have an abundance of old panties, you may cut them into pieces and then sew them together to create a delightfully unorthodox patchwork.

9. Make them into pet toys by gluing them together

Were you able to check out our fantastic blog post on how to create dog toys out of everyday items around the house? Projects requiring rags or pieces of clothes may be completed with the help of old undergarments.

9. Recycle organizations

There are a plethora of great sustainable resources and organizations that will take your out-of-date clothes, accessories, and textile goods and recycle them for new use. Home insulation, pillow stuffing, car seat filling, and even “new” cloth produced from recycled fibers are some of the applications for recycled fibers.

You may recycle everything from socks to sports shoes, bras to old fleeces, and anything in between with the assistance of the following excellent textile recycling programs and resources:

  • Nike, Reuse-A-Shoe: Nike gathers old sports shoes from any brand and grinds them up, using the resulting material to build courts, fields, tracks, and playgrounds around the world.
  • The Bra Recyclers: a non-profit group dedicated to finding a method to recycle, reuse, or repurpose bras in any manner possible. You may either leave off your old bras at a drop-off location or send them straight to them.
  • GemText: Free textile recycling.
  • Green Tree: Free textile recycling drop-offs located at specific NYC farmers’ markets.
  • Donation Town: A site that helps you find a local clothing donation service in your area.

The Bottom Line

The fast-fashion business is well-known for its unethical and environmentally damaging methods, and we, as customers who support the retail sector, are somewhat to blame for the throwaway mentality that has become so easy to embrace in our contemporary world of consumerism.

Unwanted clothing is disposed of in landfills in 30 percent of cases, with the remainder being recycled or given to friends, family, and charitable organizations.

That shows clearly we have to take more serious steps forward recycling and reusing the clothing including our underwear.

This is our recommendation for the post topic: How to Recycle Underwear. Any extra practices?

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