15 Environmentally Sustainable Activities

15 Environmentally Sustainable Activities

August 16, 2021 0 By Green Uday

There are as many eco-friendly activities as the imagination has scope for, so to get you started, here are 15 of the most popular environmentally sustainable activities. Each of these activities is of benefit to the environment in the long term, and many are actually rather fun to get down to.

So, the top environmentally sustainable activities are:

  1. Pick Up Trash
  2. Plant a Garden
  3. Make DIY Organic Cleaning Products
  4. Walk or Cycle in Nature
  5. Upcycle Old Furniture
  6. Create a Mosaic
  7. Collect Rain Water
  8. Learn about the Earth
  9. Make Your Own Paper
  10. Use Food Scraps to Make Stock
  11. Cook a Vegan Meal
  12. Make a Worm Farm
  13. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
  14. Challenge Yourself to an Energy-Free Day
  15. Connect with Local Organizations

Let’s go deeper into details…

Pick Up Trash

While picking up trash might not seem like an enjoyable activity, in a group it can be a lot of fun. Going on a “green team” walk with others from your area can be an incredibly bonding experience, not to mention the favor you will be doing the earth. Remember to take along gloves and bags, and enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning up your neighborhood!

Plant a Garden

Whether planting vegetables, herbs, or other trees and flowers, planting a garden is one of the most sustainable activities you can do. By reducing the number of products bought in-store, fossil fuels used in transport are simultaneously reduced. In other words, the greenhouse gas emissions from transport are reduced, as is the amount of single-use plastic packaging.

Make DIY Organic Cleaning Products

Conventional cleaning products are typically made from chemicals that are toxic and not biodegradable. To avoid adding these to the environment in one way or another, it is a good idea to invest in organic cleaning products. That being said, many of the natural cleaning products on the market are expensive, and making your own is a fun and sustainable project.

Walk or Cycle in Nature

Sustainability is all about an appreciation for the environment, and what better way to celebrate nature than by spending time outdoors. Walking and cycling are among the most environmentally friendly modes of transport, given that they do not impact our natural resources. As a result, many green enthusiasts apply the “1 km rule,” meaning that if they need to travel within 1 km of their home, they will either walk or cycle.

Upcycle Old Furniture

Sometimes all an old item of furniture needs is to be sanded down and repainted. Instead of selling or giving away old and damaged furniture, consider revamping it into an entirely new piece. Upcycling is all about making the old into the new and is one of the most environmentally sustainable practices around.

Create a Mosaic

Mosaics are a form of upcycling because they make use of broken ceramic items or even mirrors. In fact, it is possible to go to your local glass and tile stores and simply ask them for their broken offcuts. You can use these scraps to create a mosaic, which could then cover over any old surface in the home.

Collect Rain Water

It goes without saying that collecting rainwater is the best way to save water and live sustainably. By strategically placing containers or bowls outdoors, gathered rainwater can be used to water plants or even to clean with. Collecting rainwater is easy, and should be one of the first steps taken towards achieving a greener lifestyle.

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Learn about the Earth

One of the best environmentally sustainable activities is creating an eco-friendly background. Books, documentaries and YouTube channels are all great methods for learning more about the environment.

The more aware a person is of the environmental crisis, the more motivating it is to take action. For this reason, we should always be delving deeper into the information surrounding our eco-system and planet.

Make Your Own Paper

Making paper is an enjoyable activity that contributes to a sustainable way of life. Creating your own handmade paper is easy, and a fantastic means of recycling old receipts, copy paper, and junk mail. Instead of recycling the conventional way, by making your own paper, you can create a thing of beauty.

Use Food Scraps to Make Stock

Whether or not you have a composting system, you can use vegetable scraps to make stock. Instead of throwing away the peelings from your vegetables (including onions – which cannot be composted), you can simply freeze them in an airtight container. When enough scraps have been collected, boil them up for approximately half an hour and save the liquid to use as stock.

Cook a Vegan Meal

Cutting down on meat and dairy consumption is a massive contribution to the environment, given that these industries account for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions. Regardless of whether you choose to go vegan in the long run, committing to one vegan meal a week is a great place to start.

Environmentally Sustainable Activities

Make a Worm Farm

Worm farms are worm composting systems, otherwise known as vermicomposting systems. The great thing about creating a worm farm is that earthworms are among the quickest composters in existence. Worm farms are an excellent way to recycle kitchen waste like food scraps, turning it into the best garden compost available.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

There are several online calculators that can be used to determine your carbon footprint for free. The free carbon footprint calculator also gives suggestions as to small lifestyle shifts that could be made in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint. This sustainable activity is not only educational but a practical means for keeping carbon footprints in check.

Challenge Yourself to an Energy-Free Day

Although this challenge might better be saved for the weekend, it is well worth the effort. Going for 24 hours without using electricity is not easy, but it serves to highlight the number of energy expenditures used on any given day. If you have time on your hands, and you’re looking for sustainable activities to adopt, give an energy-free day a try.

Connect with Local Organizations

Connecting with local environmental organizations can lead to opportunities and activities beyond your wildest imaginings. Not only will you meet a host of like-minded individuals, but you will likely learn a great deal about sustainability and how to be more eco-friendly in general.

The Bottom Line

These were the most important and helpful environmentally sustainable activities, do you know other practices related to environmental sustainability or sustainable development activities?

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